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Project Overview


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EasyFPU is an App made for T1D patients to ease the calculation of complex meals with sugars, regular carbs and extended carbs.

It is available for Android and Apple iOS.

Feature Overview

Searchable and filterable food list
Search in OpenFoodFacts food database
Scan product barcodes
Compose a meal from as many food items as you like
Calculation of calories
Calculation of regular carbs
Calculation of extended carbs from fat-protein-units
Configuration of the absorption schemes
Calculation of carbs from sugars
Export to Apple Health


With EasyFPU you'll master complex meals like pizza or the Happy Meal after swimming:

  • Add as many food items as you wish, and filter or search your food list
  • Export or import your food list for data backup or sharing
  • Fast overview over all carbs types with calculation of the matching absorption time

Choose as many food items as you wish to compose a meal:

  • As many food items as you wish
  • Enter the amount consumed or choose from a pre-configured list of typical amounts
  • Save your amount as new typical amount

See at one glance, which carbs will hit your BG when and for how long:

  • Fast carbs from sugars (iOS only) and regular carbs
  • Slow carbs from fat-protein-units
  • How much carbs hit when and for how long?

Export carbs and calories to Apple Health - for further utilization by apps like Loop:

  • Configurable delay of your meal
  • Free choice of data to be exported
  • Graphical preview of data to be exported

Adapt the Absorption Scheme to your personal needs:

  • Fast, regular and slow carbs from fat-protein-units
  • Delay until the carbs hit your BG and set the time interval how long they will hit your BG
  • Interval between carbs fractions (for Apple Health export only)

Joomla! Extensions

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Useful extensions for the leading Open Source content management system - Joomla!

Make your life easy by keeping your website up-to-date without much effort!


EventList screenshot

EventList is a Joomla! package generating and displaying a clear list of weekly recurring events and linking to their detailed description.

EventList Plugin features:

  • Select whether or not an article is included in the Event List
  • Additional fields for contact person, e-mail address, phone number, target audience and location (only relevant for display underneath the article)
  • Further fields for weekday, starting time, end time and comment (additionally relevant for displaying the article in the Event List)
  • Different pre-defined time formats: 24h format with or without leading zeros, 12h format with or without leading zeros
  • Alternatively free time format
  • Regex based input check of starting and end time
  • Frontend display as info box underneath the article (see picture), either with or without header / title

EventList Module features:

  • Display of all selected articles as clear, compact event list
  • Possibility to include non-published articles in the Event List (e.g. if no article content available, but the event should still be displayed in the Event List)
  • Different pre-defined list styles: German (adds the word „Uhr“ at the end of the entry) or international
  • Alternatively free list format
  • Link to the detailed article (in case the article is published already)
  • Fomatting via own CCS


ChruchCal screenshot

ChurchCal is a Joomla! module to retrieve and display ChurchTools calendar events as event view on a website.

Joomla! ChurchCal

  • retrieves calendar entries from one or more ChurchTools calendars, using the ChurchTools API,
  • and displays them either in ascending or descending order as a list on a webpage, showing
  • the weekday (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) - optionally -,
  • the date and the start time, formatted according to the PHP date function,
  • the end time - optionally -,
  • and the description of the calendar entry.