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What is EventList for Joomla?

Joomla 4 EventList is a Joomla! package generating and displaying a list of weekly recurring events like rehersals, group meetings, etc., and linking to their detailed description.

Exemplary Joomla! EventList view

It is a package containing two extensions:

  • The EventList Plugin lets you add a number of infos like contact person, e-mail-address, phone number, weekday, starting time, etc. to your article. These infos are then displayed underneath the article in an info box.
  • The EventList Module screens your Joomla! articles and creates a sorted list for all articles identified as regularly recurring events. It can be used for automatically summarizing your recurring events (like bible lessons, choir rehearsal, etc.). It can be flexibly positioned and customized via CSS.

While the EventList Plugin can be used stand-alone, the EventList Module requires the Plugin to be installed.


EventList PlugIn Features

Infobox underneath the article

  • Select whether or not an article is included in the Event List
  • Additional fields for contact person, e-mail address, phone number, target audience and location (only relevant for display underneath the article)
  • Further fields for weekday, starting time, end time and comment (additionally relevant for displaying the article in the Event List)
  • Different pre-defined time formats: 24h format with or without leading zeros, 12h format with or without leading zeros
  • Alternatively free time format
  • Regex based input check of starting and end time
  • Frontend display as info box underneath the article (see picture), either with or without header / title

EventList Modul Features

  • Display of all selected articles as clear, compact event list
  • Possibility to include non-published articles in the Event List (e.g. if no article content available, but the event should still be displayed in the Event List)
  • Different pre-defined list styles: German (adds the word „Uhr“ at the end of the entry) or international
  • Alternatively free list format
  • Link to the detailed article (in case the article is published already)
  • Fomatting via own CCS

Known Issues

These issues are known to me. Should you stumble over a new issue, please submit it via the same link.

As I'm no longer using Joomla, I do not futher develop the EventList.


If you want to take over and further develop EventList for Joomla, you're welcome! It's all Open Source and on GitHub.

Otherwise, just buy me a coffee - appreciated!

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